Want to introduce a little piece of Nordic nature into your home?

All the images can be ordered as high-quality art prints in size A4, A3 or A2. Unfortunately the online store only delivers within Finland. For international orders, please enquire or order using the contact form. When ordering, please make sure you include your full name, postal address and phone number for delivery.

A4 size print 30,00 euros + P&P 5 € (home delivery)

A3 size print 60,00 euros + P&P 5 € (delivery to the nearest Post Office)

A2 size print 80,00 euros + P&P 5 € (delivery to the nearest Post Office)

Alternatively you can order your chosen image in dipond aluminium, canvas or acrylic.

More info on the materials can be found below. The prices vary depending on the material and size.

The images appear on the site low res but naturally when ordered they come high res.

Dibond Aluminium Composite

The image is printed straight onto the brushed surface of a 2 mm thick composite panel which creates a beautiful yet subtle metallic sheen. Dibond brings out the finest details of any image, and provides great colour quality, trueness and colour thickness. When weight is an issue, aluminium composite is a great choice. The material is also optimized for outdoor use. Dibond prints come with a back-frame aluminium hanging rail and are ready to hang. Alternatively thanks to their light weight dibond prints can also be framed.

Canvas Print

The canvas image wraps around the frame and is attached to the back creating a frameless piece, and provides more of an old fashioned, oil painting-like look. The canvas used is high quality and the colours will last for decades.

Acrylic Print

The glossy reflective quality of acrylic provides vivid, luminious colours and vibrancy. The details look crisp and clear, and the near 3D effect provides a fascinating depth to any image. Acrylic provides a sleek, modern look which looks terrific in contemporary decor. The images will look like they're imbedded in a sheet of glass. Images printed on acrylic are also impervious to moisture and spills, and provide a natural protection against UV rays.If you can't decide what material to go for, we can recommend one for you depending on the image, and where the image will be hung whether it's at home, the office, your summer house or somewhere else.

If you have any enquiries or questions regarding the prints, please contact info@kimmoohtonen. Thank you!