Kimmo Ohtonen is a Finnish journalist, writer, tv-personality and nature photographer.  His TV career started in the UK in 2005 working for BBC and ITV on programmes centered around social topics and current affairs (eg. To Catch A Paedophile, Tonight with Trevor McDonald, Inside Killer Sharks with James May, Blackpool Paramedics Season 1 and 2).

In Finland Ohtonen is widely known for several TV shows such as Puoli Seitsemän (YLE TV1), Ulos luontoon (YLE TV1), Löydä luontosi (YLE TV1), Katoava Pohjola (YLE TV1), and Villien jäljillä (MTV3).

Kimmo´s lifelong dream came through in February when his debut book Karhu Voimaeläin (Docendo) was published. It was between those covers that Kimmo for the first time ever publicly opened up about his childhood and teenage years shadowed by extreme domestic violence. In the book Kimmo reflects his own life as well as human-nature relationship through exploring the life of brown bears. His beautifully honest prose runs along the pages hand in hand with his heartfelt nature photography. The book received nominations for both Tieto-Finlandia (Man Booker prize for non-fiction) and Nature Book of the Year. Kimmo was also a nominee for Bonnier Grand Journalist Prize.  

Then came the book Metsäkansan tarina (Docendo), which also snapped up a nomination for Nature Book of the Year. In March 2018 saw the release of Kimmo´s fantasy novel Ikimaa – Soturin Tie (Otava), the first in the trilogy.

With Kimmo's images the story always comes first. When he is in the nature with his camera, it's the story and the emotion captured that matter. The images need to be honest and technically masterful potrayals of nature with an underlying conservation message, and be beautiful enough to be hung on your wall.

When Kimmo isn´t writing, filming or shooting he goes round Finland lecturing. In 2018 Kimmo managed to squeeze in his schedule as many as 50 lectures. The lecture topics vary from nature to story telling and social topics. Whatever the topic Kimmo loves to make the audience feel included and to really dig deep into the matter at hand.

Both Kimmo's professional and personal life is centered around nature. His spare time is exceedingly spent with his wife Laura and their dogs Alma and Romy in the nature near their current hometown of Helsinki or deep in the wilderness of Finland.

Awards & Nominations

Koura Scholarship 2016 - Katoava Pohjola documentary series

Bonnier Grand Prize for Journalism - Book of the Year 2016 Nomination

The Science Communicator of the Year 2016

Nomination for Kultainen Venla 'Performer of the Year' 2016

Tieto-Finlandia Readers' Choice Literary Award

Nomination for Nature Book of The Year 2016

Nomination for Tieto-Finlandia Non-Fiction Literary Award

Kultainen Venla - TV moment of the Year 2012 for Charity Swim